The Cassettes - 'Neath the Pale Moon CS

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The album that cemented the “steampunk” status of The Cassettes and which took the band across the United States on tour, to Steampunk/Sci-Fi Conventions and even to the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center! Originally on Buddyhead Records in 2007, Rogue Records in Australia in 2008 and then purchased back by the band and self-released in 2010.

No fourteen-song album can be adequately summed up in few words, of course, but the Cassettes have provided the world with an album that could provide enough copy for an entire pamphlet, perhaps printed by ink-stained partisans in the cellar of a deserted tavern. For, there are hints of revolution here: the lyrics' subtle dissatisfaction with mechanized, modernist life, the linear notes' demand for a re-examination of everyday objects, although the message is perhaps diffused by words, and rather taken up sonically by the band. A sort of manifesto of music, then, as what the album lacks in verbal "message," it makes up for in music of a variety enough to broaden the mind of the most emo-fabulous-core listener. In recent missives, the band has described itself as a Musical Explorers Society, and indeed this album might be signposted as the early stages of whatever phase the band is now in. And yet, this variety does not mean the tracks don't feel good all together, as it were, as The Ganges River Delta Blues of "Muji Achi Larki" fits right alongside the more traditional "Sweet Virginia" as well as the riverside kraut-rock of "Burglar In The Bungalow." The Cassettes invite you to come along for a rollicking air-balloon ride over a landscape dotted with greasy resonator guitars, screaming accordions, and soaring theremins!

1) Lady Faire
2) Loveless Lady
3) Small & Tired
4) Muja Chi Larki Daydo
5) Sweet Virginia
6) Burglar In The Bungalow
7) Time Ain't Right
8) Be Quite Still
9) Sway Along
10) Our Whispers Wake No Clocks
11) Rogue Gnome
12) Lonesome Winds
13) South Arlington Life
14) The Stage Fades