The Cassettes - Countach CS

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he opus to the inner-child and seemingly unconnected (yet connected) themes! To quote: “There’s something slightly schizophrenic about Countach, The Cassettes’ new album. The songs aren’t so much composed as hammered together from utterly random cultural detritus: The Patrick Swayze film Black Dog, Navajo warriors, reptile people, Italian horror movie scores. Guitarist/vocalist Shelby Cinca—former member of spazz-core pioneers Frodus—describes Countach as “Choose Your Own Adventure” rock ‘n’ roll: a type of music where one page turn (or in this case, song break) can bring a disorienting shift in subject matter.” — A. Leitko

1) Black Dog
2) Long Hands of Llewellyn
3) Invisible One
4) Never Lost
5) Aik Kahani
6) Countach
7) 'Copter
8) Nil Bog
9) Crampbone
10) Oxford
11) Gracias!

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